Small summary on my projects.

Final Thesis

Final degree thesis where I parallelized and sped up an optical flow sequential implementation using GPUs and CUDA.
Link to document

POP3 client - Bash

Very simple and raw POP3 Bash Client to experiment with sockets in C

Distributed Pacman for 2 players

Distributed desktop Pacman game for 2 players, using Open JMS library. It Includes a simple sockets text chat.


Small desktop application that allows to experiment with polygons and lightning - Video


Mini UNIX shell. Can be used for real in linux.


Software engineer experienced in web development specially with backend technologies. Proactive, analytical, and quick learner.
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Leonardo Lanchas

Software Engineer - Data engineer - Professional since 2012


Fran Verona

Fran Verona


Leo and I worked together in two projects involving web technologies. I've never worked with him before, but I instantly knew that he loves what he does. Leo is a very passionate person, and he is capable of transmit you that feeling. Even when we faced problems, he always showed me the "good side of the coin" and fixed everything.

When he encounters a new challenge, he just analyzes every possible situation and choose the best; even if it's an unknown solution for him, he is not worried at all because he loves to learn. If you are looking for a commited, good and "fearless" developer, Leo is your guy.