Recently, I had the chance to read a fragment, I found somewhere on the internet, that turned out to be very interesting because it shows a very important aspect on the work field nowadays, which is sometimes ignored: the resume is being left behind. Increasingly, instead of reading our resume, we are researched through Google and in several social networks in order to create a preliminary outline and decide upon us.

Above all, I share that nowadays our work cannot be reduced to a single page. The truth is that it should not be necessary. And We shouldn’t have to distill all that We’ve done down to bulleted lists. It often falls short and does not fully reflect what we are capable of doing. Our work deserves far more respect than that.

In short: the resume is dead. We must create our own Personal Branding.

Do I have a website? A blog? What am I writing in it? Am I on Twitter? What am I sharing? What do I comment?

Personal Branding, so necessary today because relationships are becoming more anonymous,is to think of oneself as a brand, that like any other trademark, should be prepared, transmitted and protected, with the intention to differentiate and achieve greater success in social and professional relationships. In other words, personal branding is that we are not listed as a resume, unnoticed, like others, but we are seen as different and able to provide their unique value.

Surfing the net, I found two interesting websites about personal branding. The first one, “The 10 Pillars Of A Successful Personal Brand”, explains how to laid the foundations whereas the second, “How to discover and create your brand”, how to continue building.

So, let’s get down to work.

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